When I was 16, I got a Washburn electric guitar and a practice amp for Christmas. I played that guitar all Christmas day and haven’t put the instrument down in the 10+ years since.

Guitar (specifically, charged up electric guitar!) will always be my main instrument. Since that fateful teenage Christmas, I’ve added a bunch of different instruments to my musical repertoire but, the chunky rhythm and screeching bends of my Les Pauls will always bring me back to where I started.

I’ve played guitar in a wide array of bands, ranging from heavy metal to fun-filled pop-rock.

I like to draw from this disparity of influences when I play and use the little secrets of every genre to create a full and interesting guitar sound. I’ve amassed quite a collection of pedals and amplifiers, and use them to craft virtually any guitar sound imaginable.

Please have a listen to some of my guitar samples linked below.


Alex Perone – Don’t Go Away
I handled the guitar leads on this dramatic ballad. Please have a listen


reaLation – Suite-Love Notwithstanding
Recently I recorded the lead guitar tracks for this funky track




Hard Rock Sample

Ya Mar Overdub [acoustic]