Piano sometimes makes me feel like I wasted the first decade of practice solely on the guitar. It’s such a rich instrument. Expressive and timeless, I have grown to love the piano as much as the guitar.

Now, having a few years of solid practice, a few semesters of classical training, and a great deal of live performance, I am proud to call myself a pianist.

I compose, arrange and perform on the keyboards frequently and simply love playing Elton John.

One day, it’ll be a Steinway but for now I play a Korg digital keyboard.



Recently, I was commissioned to compose and record an solo piano piece to serve as the musical backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Thanks for making an amazing, completely custom mp3 for my beautiful bride (now wifey) to walk down the aisle to. It was clear, classy, and perfectly fitting for the occasion. You NAILED it!

– Justin, the groom!


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