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Daniel Extrom – To Whom It May Concern

Feb 12, 2015   //   by Matthew   //   Media, News  //  No Comments

Recently, I was tasked with bringing a lyricist’s ideas to life. After about a year of writing, arranging and recording – Daniel Extrom’s album To Whom It May Concern is finally complete.

Each of these lyrics was written by Daniel Extrom over the last 30 years (give or take). He’s been boiling this pot for a while and it was a distinct pleasure to help him realize his musical dream. Over the course of making this record, we enlisted the help of veteran song & dance man Alex Perone for vocals. I, myself, played all the guitars, bass, keyboards, mandolin, various synthesizer effects  and with the help of Grammy award winning producer Dan, we brought these jams to life.

Please enjoy the record. It’s unique, impossible to place in a genre and altogether original.


More studio stuff –

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reaLation – Fraudulence


Local 518 area band ReaLation just got a nice run of their new album Fraudulence pressed and  there is a familiar name in the liner notes.

It was a blast recording down at Hyland Studios and helping capture the sound that ReaLation writer/singer/bassist/keyboard player/et al Vinnie Lane was going for.

The track I played on is called Suite: Love Notwithstanding. It’s the first and only time my playing has ever been compared to Layne Staley’s.

Give them a listen.

Buy the record, check them out, press play below:

In the studio this week..

Jan 21, 2014   //   by Matthew   //   News  //  No Comments

428301_724647219508_555615618_nI’m in the studio this week laying down some bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals for a couple of different projects.

Currently, I’m working on helping craft a much-anticipated demo from a local 518 songwriter. Additionally, I’ll be helping craft the beats for some local hip hop acts.

I’ll be sure to post the recorded material when it’s mixed, mastered & ready for publication!

Back in action in Queesbury, on 1.31 playing my old brand of Solo Acoustic +