2018 November

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2018.11.07 – Nine Pin Cider Works | Albany NY | 7 PM

Oddly quiet show. Usually Nine Pin is packed, but Daylight Savings fucked with it. It was really dark in there and seemed a lot later than usual. Gabby, the bartender, apologized to me for a quiet night – that never happens. Typically, an empty place and you immediately start haranguing the musician for not bringing a lot of people. I usually do bring a nice crowd to Nine Pin, so this was an oddity.

Musically, this was a good show. Lots of debuts written for The Purple Stuff and translate nicely to the solo show. My mic stand was malfunctioning so I used only the boom from the keyboard stand – no vocal jam in Mortuo Homine CanticumWhat’s on Tap at Nine Pin Tonight? contained a fun list of the pricing.

2018.11.10 – Heritage Pub | Colonie NY | w/ Herb Carter Jr.

This place is a shithole. The floor is typically dirty. They had a benefit for one of their regular patrons who is dying of cancer, so it was really packed but no one gave a fuck about us playing there. Herb seemed to know a lot of the people given he used to live right there and frequented this place. I had some gas from eating a bunch of Thai chili meatballs, vegetables gyoza, pigs-in-a-blanket, and chicken cordon bleu balls – these were good. We played a bunch of garbage. Herb was too loud, as per usual.

2018.11.10 – The Klam’r Tavern and Marina. | Clifton Park NY | w/ Herb Carter Jr.

Klam’r is completely renewed. The place looks great and is much improved from the previous incarnations “Klamsteam Tavern” and “Hoss’ River House” – both places I’ve played with Herb and Brian LaP. Classic Herb all night as he was too loud. No one in the dining room except a nice young couple, so I started interacting with them. They requested Bad Moon Rising, we played it. They wanted Tom Petty, so I rocked out some harmonica on “You Don’t Know How It Feels” – then dude asked for Audioslave. I tell Herb to take a seat and perform “Like a Stone” and “I am The Highway” — when I am done, I apologize and basically say Cornell is impossible to emulate well, and I hope that was OK – they dug it.

Later, as we’re cleaning up, Herb says “let me know what Audioslave you want to learn, because I can do anything Cornell can do” Lots to unpack there.

Additionally, I looped a lot of drums and counted the measures loudly at him when he would lose rhythm. Lastly, the same couple requests Ring of Fire, and we play it. Herb basically gets the words right as I play the chords and trumpet melody together. Afterward, he says something like “you threw one at me, so here goes” and he goes into this obscure slow-ass Kris Kristofferson song. I remark something like “at least the one I picked was one they wanted to hear” but amazingly, the young chick knew that song – I would have bet anything she wouldn’t. I still have a drink chip from the bar from this one.

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